Final Product and Evaluation


Aqua – Phone Advertisement – Final Video


The overall aesthetic look of the production I’ve created is that of what I intended to with the influence of iPhone and Google advertisements with some areas needing improvement and some areas highlighting the goals I set out with in this project, in this evaluation I’ll be evaluating the following categories of my project; the modelling of the phone, animation and simulation, rendering and composition.


The phone model is the basis of this project, being the main point of focus for the viewer and my intention was to make it a very flat, sleek and minimal design with very few points of focus asides from the features you’d normally expect on a smart phone, eg; headphone jack, usb connector, etc. I personally feel like this was achieved although several problems along the way prevented me from using materials and textures like a glass screen for the phone or a more metallic finish to the phone in general. These issues were resolved by placing a texture onto the phone screen that emulated the same effect that would usually be seen from a reflection and the metal on the phone was later added to the sides of the phone to create a metal bezel.

Animation and Simulation

The renders which I produced had one or more revisions per render and taught me a lot about the way that a scene should be presented and how to create simulations through 3DsMax, if I were to create this project again I’d look into how to creating the animations through programs like RealFlow to create a more realistic approach to the overall aesthetic of the simulation. Some flaws were present in the final renders like raindrops not corresponding to where the phone was in the render but wasn’t a massive issue due to the use of the final clips in the composition. Overall I’m happy with the outcome from the animation and simulation of this project and the way it looks.

Rendering and Composition

The rendering of the project was a matter of trial and error with different render types, file sizes and software with the end choice of render software being Mental Ray in 3DsMax, this was used to create accurate lighting scenarios with several lights and a camera to create the studio based lighting that would be required to show the phone in an advertisement environment, overall I’m pleased with the aesthetic I created with the renders but if I were to create this project again I’d put more time aside for the rendering in a renderer like VRay, although this was initially dismissed due to the time consumption based on accurately showing light in VRay and the amount of passes needed to do so.

The composition of the final video has the goals and influences I had in my research in mind and creates a fluid overview of the product within the 30 second time frame of an advertisement, highlighting key features of the phone to the rhythm of a song and creating fluid transitions between the two, the overall design and editing of the animation is something that I’m personally quite pleased with and if I were to do this project again I’d produce more cuts to the music and more of a wide range of shots to cut between.

Overall I’m pleased with the outcome of this project with my only personal room for improvement being based around quality of renders and the amount of shots.

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