Composition and Audio

Composition and audio both play a huge role in advertisements and I’m choosing to base my final animation with the shots I’ve rendered on the Google Pixel advertisement.

This advertisement uses quick, shot cuts of renders and uses an inverted effect to allow for the colours to change to the songs rhythm, which is something that I’m going to try and recreate using my own renders and song of my choice.

My song of choice is DROELOE – Bon Voyage because of its soft tone and quick clicking noises to allow for cuts of the phone to be placed in a rhythmic way.

Audio 2

I imported this song into audacity and scanned through areas of the song that would work within a 30 second segment of an advertisement without cutting out randomly or starting/ending suddenly.

Audio 1

I chose the section from 40 seconds in to around 1 minute 10 seconds and faded in the start and end of the audio to allow for a smooth transition in and out of the advertisement.



I created inversions of the phone using the invert effect in After Effects that match up with the music, I then created similar effects throughout the animation by pressing Control and panning through the animation to allow me to hear when the snare hits or when a click in the track happens allowing me to smoothly animate the video to a soundtrack.

Whilst the initial idea was to have the words and phrases like “water resistant” or “minimal” throughout the animation whilst highlighting key features I decided against it to create a smoother animation throughout, it simply didn’t fit the animation so I added all of the words I would associate with the phone at the end of the animation whilst the fade out roles and a click track is present, allowing for all of the words to match up with clicks in the track.

Ending Gif

The simple rule of the animation composition I chose to stick by is having the shots consisting of highlighting and showcasing the phone first and showing water animation later on in the animation, the shots correspond to the audio by switching based on the rhythm and the same process is applied to the inversion of any shots from black to white. This follows the trend of the phone advertisements I have researched and provide an overview of the phone in the 30 second time frame of the advertisement.

Transitions and inversion gif


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