Storyboard and scene building plans

From previous research into phone advertisement styles from Google and Apple I produced a storyboard highlighting the key shots I want to produce in accordance to what I see appearing most in phone advertisements, the order of the storyboard is an idea of the order the shots will be in but is an insight into the shots that will be present within the final animation.

I’ve chosen to divide the workload of the scenes into different software depending on what scene would benefit from each the most, any of the text will be made in After Effects for ease of use, any model only renders of the phone rotating or using a light to highlight the phone will be done in 3dsMax due to knowing the software well and being right for the shots and any rain effects will be made through Blender because of its ease of use and great visuals in simulation.




The scenes shown in the storyboard are all quite simple (as many phone advertisements are) to allow for the viewer to focus on the phone rather than the backgrounds of the images, for this I’ve chosen studio colour backgrounds similar to what you’d see in a phone advertisement. For this I have shots of the phone with a white background and shots of the phone with a black background with a light panning over certain elements to highlight features of the phone.



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