Phone Models

Phone designs are constantly innovating and the changes through companies are vast due to ideas and concepts they try to bring to the market to forward the change in smart phones, here are some of those companies and their personal approaches.


Apple is more focused towards beauty, simplicity and trying to appeal from an aesthetic approach rather than a software/hardware advanced market, which they do incredibly well with their simple and minimalist designs for phones. Watching an Apple advert really makes you want to hold the phone and try it out. I’m going to use the iPhone 7 as an example for Apple’s design philosophy.

In the “Apple – Introducing iPhone 7” advertisement they’ve created a video of various different people using the phone in different scenarios and situations to highlight some of the features of the phone, but the advertisement continuously cuts back to the phone model rotating in a black background with a light highlighting the phone to capture the ‘beauty’ of the phone. They also have a lot of breakdowns of the CPU, Graphics chips and camera integrations to show what’s inside the phone each time, Apple’s overall goal with this is to give people an understanding of the design and delicacy that goes into making an iPhone.

When it comes to the design they’re actually showing off, it screams the same message. Simple, minimalist and straight forward.





Google have gone through several marketing strategies, price points and design philosophies whilst being in the phone market, their Nexus range of phones which has been discontinued from their brand was Google’s first approach at minimal smartphones, which appealed to a lot of people through being extremely affordable compared to other companies like HTC and Apple, if you look at the Nexus phones in order of release they’re a really clear indicator of the design approach and inspiration that comes from other phones. This is partly due to the fact that different manufacturers designed each version of the phone but also to do with the way that phone design is progressing towards minimalism over the years, I’ve shown this in a history of the Nexus products below.


Phone design from 2010 to now has become more about the flat, minimal look and feel and has lost the shiny futuristic look designers were trying to achieve back in 2010

In 2016 Google released the Google Pixel which is again going in the direction of flat and minimalism and is a great influence of how I’m going to produce a phone design for my end advertisement.



LG introduced a feature in their release of the LG G2 and a feature that I currently use every day on my LG G3 personally, this feature is the placement of the volume and power button on the top back of the phone, naturally your hand rests on the back of the phone making it easier to control music volumes and turning the phones screen on and off, this is something I’m going to be implementing into my phone model as it feels incredibly ergonomic.


My design

For my design I’ve added features from many smart phones and created something I’d personally like to use as a daily phone.

phone-modelFrom this sketch I’m going to produce the 3D model of the phone design, the features mentioned on this drawing are going to be the points I’m going to bring up as selling points during the phone advertisement in a similar style to the previously mentioned Google Pixel advertisement.







All of these sections of the phone were created using the extrude tool and quick slice to create portions of the phone to engrave or extrude and a different colour was added to allow for the contract between the different sections of each part of the phone.









The camera was made in a similar way with the added element of using a texture for the camera modules to create a more realistic look to this element.






I created volume buttons on Photoshop to add to the volume buttons on the back of the phone.




I later added a mesh texture to this to give it more of a textured look as phone volume and power buttons are often a different texture so people are aware they’re touching that section of the phone and provides grip.




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