Water Simulation Research

For my project I’ve decided to create a product advertisement using water simulation, much like several companies have done in the past to showcase waterproof products.


As you can see from my mind map I’ve started thinking about Product Animation and the link in the mind map is to a Samsung phone animation advert. Samsung Advert


I’ve recently tried some basic water animation through Blender as showing in my mind map to kind of work out the pros and cons of using it for the animation.

From what I’ve seen with it so far is that it’s quite simple to create a water simulation and play around with it, so I’m most likely going to use Blender to create the water simulation and use something like 3DSMax for the modelling as I’m more familiar with it.


I later decided to use 3DsMax throughout the animation to allow for the lighting in the scene and to make sure that all of the scenes were aesthetically on the same page, which would be harder if I was producing renders from both software with different settings.

Levitating Water

I’ve been looking into a well known camera/magic trick filmed for Now You See Me 2 filmed on the Greenwich University campus, the trick involved water levitating in the air, I want to create a similar effect in a simulation in which the water stops at a given point and moves around similar to that of the effects used in this scene.

Now You See Me 2 Levitating Water Scene




They do this by using strobe lights, the lights will flash at a set time to allow the eye to only see the droplets in one given position each time, whilst these are different droplets each time it gets perceived as levitating water.


Picture/Video credit: The Strobe Light Effect (Levitating Water)

As you can see, when light is shined onto the apparent stream of water, the whole stream becomes visible again, hence the importance of the strobe effect.

For a part of my project I want to look into how this would work in an actual 3D scenario in order to make a situation where the water pauses in midair, without hitting the phone or having the water bounce around to create a similar effect through 3D software.

Technicalities for the animation

I’m using 3DsMax for this project to create the animation as I’ve personally had a better experience working with 3DsMax than other 3D packages when it comes to creating water animations, for this project I’ll be looking into how to create rain in 3DsMax and then adjusting the direction and amount of particles accordingly to match up with the appearance of levitating water.



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